Topguest: A Nice Point Boost

If you’re someone that likes to share their location using Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or Instagram, Topguest is an interesting service that can get you some point boosts in certain hotel and airline loyalty programs.

The process is simple enough.  You sign up for a Topguest account at (link opens in new window), then link your social profiles and your loyalty programs.  When you check in, tweet or post a photo from designated hotel and airport locations, you gain some bonus points from the associated loyalty programs.

I’ve tried this out with my Hilton HHonors and Priority Club accounts, and in the past month (which has been a slow travel month for me), I’ve earned 350 Priority Club points and 400 HHonors points.  While this certainly isn’t going to be a quick way to free stays, it can be a nice little boost, especially since it requires little to no effort, especially for those travelers who are avid users of social networking services.

I hope this helps you earn a few more points.

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