Stroopwafels at Metropolitan Deli, Amsterdam

Metropolitan Deli

Metropolitan Deli in Warmoestraat

A stroopwafel is a made like a waffle, but is thin and sweet, almost like a cookie. It has two thin waffles surrounding a caramel filling. If you’re a visitor to the Netherlands, you’ll find packaged Stroopwafels everywhere. Like any processed food, they’ll quell a snacking urge but probably leave you unsatisfied. If you want to experience just how amazing this simple confection can be, you’ll need to find a fresh one.

If you’re wandering Amsterdam’s Old Centre on a layover, you’ll likely find yourself in Warmoesstraat. The stroopwafels here, compared to the packaged variety, are like night and day. Hot and fresh from the iron, they’re flexible, gaining a bit of crispiness as they cool. The rich caramel filling is expertly executed. On a cool, damp Northern European morning, a fresh stroopwafel and an espresso make a welcome warming breakfast.

Aside from the stroopwafels, Metropolitan carries a variety of dutch sweets and unusual ice cream flavors.  There isn’t much in the way of seating, but for a walking snack, that won’t matter much.

You can find Metropolitan Deli in number 135 Warmoestraat, between Sint Annenstraat and Zwartlakensteeg.

Metropolitan Deli
Warmoesstraat 135
1012JB Amsterdam

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