Pizza Birra, Sydney, NSW, AU

Pizza Birra Tortelloni

Duck Tortelloni

Part of an Australian-Italian food empire, Pizza Birra in the Surry Hills suburb of Sydney is a casual, cafe-style eatery serving pizza, pasta, wine, and of course, beer.  According to the restaurant’s website, “fresh, local produce and seasonal cooking is paramount.”  This shows through in the fresh, clean flavors on the plate.

Clearly popular amongst Sydneysiders, Pizza Birra is crowded nearly any night of the week.  The bar area is quite small, so bookings are recommended unless you want a long wait outside for a table.

Once you do get seated and served, it’s immediately apparent why this place is so popular.  The portions are large and  the top notch ingredients are prepared simply – the hallmark of good Italian food.

The pizza here is quite good, as you might expect, with it being in the name of the place.  You can expect thin, crispy crust, and locally-produced, Italian-style ingredients.

Pasta dishes are also quite good here.  My favorite is the duck  and ricotta tortelloni (pictured above).  The pasta is perfectly al dente. The flavor is earthy with a bit of pepper. Overall, the dish is fresh, simple and clean.

If you’re in Sydney and looking for Italian food, you can’t go wrong with Pizza Birra.

Pizza Birra
1/500 Crown Street
Sydney, NSW 2010
(02) 9332 2510

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