Hotel Cremorne, North Sydney, NSW, Australia

Cremorne BurgerThe Hotel Cremorne is located just across the street from the beautiful Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace in North Sydney.

I ended up going in for some dinner before a double feature.  I wasn’t particularly looking for bar food, but at 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon, most of the restaurants in the area were either closed or between their lunch and dinner service, and I felt that bar food would make a slightly healthier dinner than movie theater snacks would.  Resigned and mildly disappointed, I walked into the Hotel Cremorne after seeing the advertisement on the street for the $10 steak so common in Australian hotels.

Entering the place, I found it spacious, clean and brightly lit.  Tables high, low, large and small were scattered around the room.  Several TV screens were showing sports to interested, but not rowdy patrons.  The open storefront let the late afternoon air circulate around.  I walked up to the bar to have a look at the menu and was pleasantly surprised by the selection of steaks, fish, sandwiches, salads and pizza.  I went with the Angus Boss Burger, with the traditional Aussie cheese, beetroot, lettuce, and bacon as well as caramelized onions.  The only thing missing is a fried egg, which I was glad for the absence of given my attempt at getting fit.  The burger comes accompanied with a decent sized side salad – roughly two cups worth, and a pile of chips.  The beef is fresh and grilled to juicy perfection.  It didn’t need any additional condiments. As I dug in, I recall thinking “bloody good burger”.  Perhaps I’ve been in Australia for too long, or would that be just long enough?

If you find yourself in the area, perhaps to take in a show at the Hayden Orpheum, you could do far worse than a burger at the Hotel Cremorne before or after the show.

Hotel Cremorne
287 Military Road
Cremorne, NSW 2090

Note to my American brethren: In Australia, the word “hotel” is often applied to what we might call the local bar/pub.  It can be a bit confusing if you’re looking for a hotel from an online map reference, but it’s pretty obvious which sort of establishment you’re looking at in person.

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